Billions wasted leaves successful, yet unfunded, NT Indigenous literacy program weeks from closure

Aug 08

Billions wasted leaves successful, yet unfunded, NT Indigenous literacy program weeks from closure

The Strategic Review of Indigenous Expenditure revealed that $3.5-billion a year has been wasted on ineffective programs by successive governments. Sadly these wasted billions have left the most successful literacy program for Indigenous youth in the Northern Territory within weeks of closure.

Rev. Bill Crews’ Exodus Foundation operates its literacy program in four locations in the Northern Territory. Developed in conjunction with Macquarie University, it is a circuit breaker on poverty; teaching literacy to those indigenous children who have fallen through the cracks in the mainstream system. The program routinely lifts kids from the lowest NAPLAN band to above the national average. However, governments have not agreed to commit to funding it.

“The Strategic Review calls on government to ‘embrace evidence based programs to address Indigenous literacy'”, said Rev. Crews. “So I call on government to urgently intervene and embrace and expand our proven program.”

“Just 0.01% of the $3.5-billion wasted could guarantee the future of our literacy program in the Territory, and thereby guarantee a future for many hundreds of Indigenous children”, said Rev. Crews.

Rev. Crews’ Exodus Foundation is closing the gap with its literacy program. Government must embrace the recommendations of the Strategic Review and fund this proven, evidence-based program.

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    It seems alot of non indigenous people are making a good living off Aboriginal disadvantage, why would they want to make change.

    If they paid compensation to all Aboriginal people they would save money and eliminate Aboriginal disadvantage but it isnt in their best intrests.

    P.S money means very little to aboriginal people

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