Ashfield Parish Mission

The Ashfield Parish has its roots in the tradition of Methodism. Methodism is considered religion to be primarily practical and not dogmatic. This idea still resonates in the kind of ‘roll your sleeves up’ Christianity that is practised every day at The Exodus Foundation.

The Ashfield Parish Mission is part of The Uniting Church of Australia. The ministry is primarily to those who are outsiders – the poor and the dispossessed, and those who feel a traditional church would not ordinarily welcome them. This ministry is rooted in a worshipping congregation – a congregation that maintains the life of worship, pastoral care and the sacraments.

The congregation is never afraid to enter into the suffering of the dispossessed or the needy as they believe God, through Jesus, will stand beside them. This provides the strength to help find God’s future for each person.

Church service

Every Sunday at 10:00am, 180 Liverpool Road Ashfield.

Superintendant Minister

  • Rev. Bill Crews

Church council and elders council members:

  • Carolyn Walker
  • Georgina Skews
  • Gerry Graham
  • John Evans
  • Tina Collins
  • Vera Randall
  • Violet Alexander



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